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Laura Jan 2021

We would highly recommend Wendy. She has been looking after our children for the past four years and we can honestly say, we couldn't ask for a better childminder. Wendy is kind, caring, extremely professional, reliable, trustworthy and considerate. Both our daughters love going to Wendys and are extremely happy and settled in her setting. Knowing our children are so content and well looked after in a safe environment takes pressure off of us, allowing us to go to work at ease, knowing our children couldn't be in better hands.
We look forward to the daily update from Wendy detailing what they have been up to. It's so lovely to read.
We can't thank Wendy enough and are so grateful for all she has and continues to do for our children. Without doubt Wendy has significantly contributed to their development. We are so glad we found Wendy and would highly recommend her to others.

E.Gray Jan 2021  

We cannot easily express how grateful we are to Wendy for the care she has provided for our two children across the last six years. We simply would not trust anyone else. From day one, when we dropped our first child at 5 months old, she has been an extended part of our family.
As well as feeling very happy with the level of care provided, we have always appreciated that our values are aligned. We can trust Wendy to make decisions and keep us informed. While this sounds like a small detail, this has meant the world to us. We know our children are in her safe and very capable hands.
We also cannot thank Wendy enough for the way that she has significantly contributed to our children's development. Both our son and daughter have made rapid progress in reaching milestones, which we attribute to the educational input Wendy provides. Her planning and organisation are impeccable; we love it that she tracks progress against the EYFS framework through detailed journaling and record keeping. 
We feel so lucky that we have known Wendy and have been able to use her to childmind both of our children. It would have been very distressing if she had not had the capacity to support us because other childminders simply do not compare. There is nothing more precious than your own children and I simply wouldnt have anyone else looking after them.

Sarah Jan 2021.

My son has been cared for by Wendy from the age of 10 months old. He adores going to her and every morning asks if he is going! On our drive home each night he tells me how much he already misses her!
Wendy has made Callan feel welcome in her home and she has catered for his every need during his 3 years with her. She plans the day carefully and ensures that his play is structured, as well as allowing for "downtime" and child led play too. Each evening we receive and email to explain the details of the day and talk about things that have happened. I am so grateful to Wendy and her family, Particularly for how we have managed things during the difficulties of the pandemic to enable us to continue to work, with the peace of mind that she has done everything she can to safeguard our son.
Callan will miss Wendy so much when he goes to school, but she has helped give him such a great start. I would wholeheartedly recommend Wendy's services as an excellent childminder. 


My children are always excited to arrive at Wendy's house. They have a very good bond with her and they have asked many times if Wendy can come around to our house to play!

Wendy always greets us all with a smile, asks how the girls are and is interested in hearing about them.

The daily diaries which Wendy writes in for the girls, are very informative, such as nappy changes, sleeps and activities they have done that day.

My eldest daughter is able to tell me all the things she has done, such as crafts, outside play and other activities. She talks fondly of them and I can see that her interests have been recognised. There is always a calm and happy feeling within the setting, which is to Wendy's credit.

The girls attending Wendy's setting, has made such a difference to my working day, knowing that they are somewhere they love going to, enjoying play and activities, as well as being with a person who genuinely cares about them.


My son enjoys going to Wendy's house and we are confident that he is looked after in a safe, caring and stimulating environment. Wendy offers a wide range of activities that he finds engaging and we feel are appropriate for his age/development level. We have viewed his progress folder and find it to be regularly updated and a detailed and accurate record of his progress and development. We also appreciate his daily record book. As well as all the essential information about snacks, lunch, nappy changes etc. Wendy always includes thoughtful details such as things our son has said and games he has played, which I find insightful and enjoyable to read.

Carly and Nathan Waterman. 

"Wendy cared for our daughter Eleanor from 3 months old. Eleanor is now 4 and about to start school. We could not have asked for a better childminder for our daughter. Wendy has nurtured and developed her in exactly the way that we would have done ourself.

Wendy provided a setting for our daughter which stimulated her, protected her and prepared her for school. Wendy's setting is safe, clean, homely and perfect for children. Wendy provides activities and excursions for her children that are engaging and developmental. Eleanor would frequently come home with brilliant works of art that she had produced under Wendy's guidance. She also talks frequently of the experiences she has had at Wendy's and the things she has learned. 
Eleanor made superb progress with Wendy, academically but also socially. Wendy was able to reinforce the very high expectations that we have at home for Eleanor with regards to behaviour, respect and politeness. Eleanor's language, artistic and physical development has been excellent due to Wendy's continual guidance and support.
We wrestled with the idea of sending Eleanor to pre-school, but ultimately we are glad that we decided against it. Wendy teaches the Early Years and Foundation Stage curriculum so Eleanor was able to access all the learning she would have been exposed to at pre-school, but in a setting where she was treated as an individual and her encouragement was personalised. We have no regrets about keeping Eleanor with Wendy for four years and we feel she is perfectly well prepared for school and, in fact, is ahead of her age in terms of academic and social development. Wendy has played a significant role in this progress.
Eleanor is a confident and articulate little girl who is independent and thoughtful. She has been nurtured to develop these skills by Wendy. Eleanor has also benefitted from the influence and care of Wendy's family and it has been very beneficial for Eleanor to have been given experience of socialising with young people of a range of ages.
Wendy also cared for our baby daughter Hazel for a short time during Hazel's fourth and fifth month. Hazel is unable to tell us how she felt about the care she received, but we can guess from the smiles and giggles that she was perfectly happy.

It is with great regret that we have ceased using Wendy as our childminder. It has happened as a result of circumstance rather than choice. We would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Wendy as a childminder for any child of any age. We will miss her greatly and remember her fondly as someone who had a significant and positive impact on our daughters. "


  T. Russell

"Wendy has provided care for my children for over 10 years. She offers a fantastic service that is professional and reliable at all times and one which has enabled me to leave my children in her care confident of their environment and comfort.

My children are now aged 11 & 13 and look upon Wendy as a close trusted adult friend. Her excellent knowledge of the early years and primary education systems has enabled her to provide for and encourage the needs of the children as they develop appropriate to their individual needs.

Wendy's home provides a secure place to learn, rest and play, with a great outdoor space suitable for year round access. She has close links with nurseries and schools which has ensured transition to school life has been smooth and consistent.

I wouldn't employ anyone else to be me when I can't be!"


"Wendy is an excellent childminder. My husband and I are delighted with the way she nurtures and stimulates our daughter. Our daughter spends 9 hours a day with Wendy, 5 days a week, so it's essential to us that our daughter is in the right place with the right influences. We haven't had a single worry about our daughter's experience with Wendy. I would highly recommend Wendy. We are so glad to have found her."


"My child has been with Wendy for more than a year now; he receives excellent care with lots of activities and fun days out. Lots of stimulating activities to improve and to nurture his skills and abilities. Great improvement from previous nursery. I would highly recommend her to anybody."


"We have always preferred a home from home environment for childcare for our young children as being the next best thing to being with us, so Wendy is able to provide the best possible childcare solution.

The atmosphere is always happy and relaxed with plenty to see and do and our daughter certainly seems to enjoy her time with Wendy.

Wendy offers an excellent range of activities and opportunities to interact with others in a natural and nurturing environment. We know that any thoughts/comments/wishes on how our daughter is looked after will always be listened to and acted upon and that our daughter obviously feels safe and secure with Wendy. We couldn't ask for a better childcare environment at this stage of our daughter's life."


"Wendy has provided excellent childcare arrangements for a considerable length of time. During this time she has always been reliable and conscientious. We find her totally trustworthy and feel confident that she is providing our children with excellent care. Our children have always been happy to go to Wendy's where they are made to feel extremely welcome and safe.

We are confident that Wendy is aware of the ECM agenda and that she makes a positive contribution to the development and well-being of our children."