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EYP & Accredited Network Childminder

Early Years Professional Status

The first five years of a child’s life are critical to their future development. Research has shown that the development of young children is directly linked to the qualifications held by the early years workers around them.

Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) was originally developed by the Children’s Workforce Development Council (CWDC), now the responsibility of the Teaching Agency, that recognises excellence in Early Years Practice. EYPS is awarded to those who successfully demonstrate that they meet a set of national graduate-level standards associated with working with children from birth to five years.

Early Years Professional Status (EYPS) is a professional accreditation endorsed by the Government for graduate practitioners.Those who hold EYPS are valued as graduate leaders and will be recognised as the equivalent of Early Years Teachers, the proposed replacement.

An EYPS is seen in the Early Years sector as a specialist in early childhood development, trained to work with babies and young children from birth to five and are responsible for organising and leading high quality practice in early years settings.

Accredited/Network Childminder

What is a Childminding network?

It is a group of registered childminders who are individually assessed and meet the National Childminding Association's (NCMA) Quality Childminding Charter, a nationally recognised quailty assurance scheme just for childminders.

The Northamptonshire Childminding network has been approved by the NCMA as a 'Children Come First' Early Years Education accredited network.

Network services aim to meet the differing needs of children and families and as a network childminder I offer:

- Full day care
- 'Wraparound care' (taking children to and from playgroup/nursery)
- Before and after school care
- Community minding (sponsered by a professional body like Social Services, Surestart or           Homestart)
- Educational places

Benefits to parents:

Parents can have the confidence that I am regularly assessed, supported and provide a professional service to a more advanced level than even the national standards for childminding. 

What is an Accredited Childminder?

As an Accredited childminder I can participate in my local Early Years Development and Childcare Partnership (EYDCP) plan as a provider of education for three and four-year-olds.

I have to meet the additional standards of the NCMA Quality Childminding Charter:

        1. Taking the professional approach:
  • are willing to be inspected by an Ofsted Inspector (England) or Estyn Inspector (Wales)
  • have or are working towards an appropriate level 3 childcare and education qualification.

    2. Promoting equality of opportunity:
  • have regard to the Code of Practice on the Identification and Assessment of Special Educational Needs and to any additional statutory or local guidance
  • promote inclusive education
  • meet children's individual learning needs.

    3. Promoting children's learning and development:
  • assess children's development through observation of and interaction with the child and through discussion with families
  • plan activities and experiences to suit each child's stage of development, building on their achievements and interests and setting individual goals
  • produce written records of children's progress and curriculum plans which can be shared with parents
  • evaluate planning and children's progress, to inform future plans
  • ensure that activities and experiences provided enable children to make expected progress according to foundation stage guidance (England)
  • ensure that activities and experiences provided enable children to make expected progress towards Desirable Learning Outcomes (Wales).

    4. Seeking support:
  • liaise with early years teachers or other professionals as required by the local authority